Why Encinitas is the Perfect Proposal Spot for Spiritual Seekers, Environmental Enthusiasts, and Wellness Lovers

Planning the perfect proposal is a magical journey that should culminate in an unforgettable moment. Encinitas, CA, with its stunning coastal beauty and charming ambiance, offers a plethora of idyllic spots to pop the question. Whether you’re a local or visiting this enchanting seaside town, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your love story. Here are the best places in Encinitas to ask that life-changing question, all easily accessible from the serene and luxurious Inn at Moonlight Beach.

1. Moonlight State Beach

Just steps away from the Inn at Moonlight Beach, Moonlight State Beach is a beloved spot among locals and visitors alike. The beach’s wide expanse of golden sand, gentle waves, and picturesque sunsets create an idyllic setting for a proposal. Imagine asking your partner to marry you with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, casting a warm glow over the moment.

Pro Tip: Plan your proposal for the evening to take advantage of the breathtaking sunset. Bring a cozy blanket and a bottle of champagne to celebrate after they say “yes.”

2. Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens

For a serene and intimate proposal, the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens offer an unmatched setting. Nestled atop a bluff overlooking the ocean, these meticulously maintained gardens feature lush greenery, koi ponds, and panoramic ocean views. The tranquil atmosphere and stunning vistas provide a romantic backdrop for a heartfelt proposal, making it an ideal spot for a spiritual seeker.

Pro Tip: Explore the gardens beforehand to find the perfect secluded spot. Early morning or late afternoon visits offer the best lighting and fewer visitors.

3. Swami’s Beach

Famous for its surf breaks and natural beauty, Swami’s Beach is another fantastic spot for a proposal. The beach is surrounded by towering cliffs and offers sweeping ocean views, making it a dramatic and romantic setting. The nearby Swami’s Meditation Garden provides a peaceful area for a pre-proposal stroll, allowing you to savor the moment before popping the question.

Pro Tip: Check the tide schedule and aim for low tide, when the beach is more expansive and the tide pools are accessible, adding an element of adventure to your proposal.

4. San Diego Botanic Garden

A short drive from the Inn at Moonlight Beach, the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas is a lush paradise featuring diverse plant collections from around the world. With themed gardens, winding pathways, and quiet corners, it’s a wonderful place for a proposal. The garden’s enchanting atmosphere and natural beauty will make your moment truly special, perfect for an environmentally conscious partner.

Pro Tip: Consider proposing in the Hamilton Children’s Garden, which offers whimsical and intimate settings that are perfect for a surprise engagement.

5. Cardiff State Beach

For couples who love the ocean, Cardiff State Beach provides a stunning natural backdrop for a proposal. The beach’s unique reef, tidal pools, and breathtaking sunsets create a picturesque setting. You can also take a romantic walk along the shoreline or enjoy a picnic on the sand before asking the big question.

Pro Tip: Plan your proposal during the golden hour – the time just before sunset – for the most romantic lighting and fewer crowds.

Stay at the Inn at Moonlight Beach

After your unforgettable proposal, continue the romance with a stay at the Inn at Moonlight Beach. Our boutique inn offers a serene and intimate retreat, perfect for celebrating your engagement. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, organic gardens, and personalized service that caters to your every need. Our commitment to sustainability and wellness ensures that your stay is not only romantic but also rejuvenating.

Why Choose Us?

  • Prime Location: Located in downtown Encinitas just steps from Moonlight State Beach and close to all the best proposal spots in Encinitas.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Re-define luxury. Experience our thoughtfully designed rooms, conscious living practices that blend modern amenities with a tranquil atmosphere with simplicity.
  • Personalized Experience: Let our team help you plan the unique proposal with special touches like champagne, flowers, decoration or activities.
  • Aligned Values: At the Inn at Moonlight Beach, we practice the values that matter most to spiritual seekers, wellness enthusiasts, and those living a conscious lifestyle. Our proposal packages and wellness offerings are designed to make your proposal unique and unforgettable.


Encinitas, CA, with its stunning natural beauty and romantic charm, is the perfect place to create lasting memories. Whether you choose a beachside sunset, a tranquil garden, or a scenic bluff, your proposal will be unforgettable. The Inn at Moonlight Beach offers the ideal base for your romantic getaway, ensuring every moment is as special as your love story.

Book your stay today and start planning the proposal of a lifetime. Let the magic of Encinitas and the luxury of the Inn at Moonlight Beach make your dream moment come true.

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