Thoughtfully Sourced Provisions from Local Sustainable Farmers and Small Artisans. Co-op with the Inn’s Biodynamic Urban Farm. Handmade/Hand Packaged at the Inn.

Our Moonlight Farmstand features a thoughtfully selected assortment of products honoring local sustainable farmers and culinary artisans.

  • Mikolich Family Honey Farm, San Diego, CA
  • Bariani Olive Oil, CA
  • Imperial California Olive Mill, CA
  • Small Batch Jam, CA

Make + take a (tasty) piece of the Inn home with you from our Moonlight Farmstand. Guests can harvest herbs from our urban biodynamic farm and infuse them into locally sourced raw honey, organic olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. With everything in our farmstand locally sourced and California-inspired, our provisions include items from small batch, fine fruit preserves (jam) made with herbs grown on site at the Inn to Pure honey soap handmade at the Inn. These make lovely takeaway gifts from the Inn—for yourself or others.

  • Organic EVOO
  • Sage, Wildflower, & Avocado Blossom Local Raw Honey
  • Gourmet Fruit jam infused with our herbs
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Beeswax Candle
  • Pure Honey Soap & Lotion Bar
  • Organic Wellness Loose Tea
Moonlight Market - Bottles on shelf
Moonlight Market


Experience the Inn’s Lifestyle + Wellness Rituals at Home. Bring a Piece of the Inn Home With You.  Several Products Handmade + Packaged at the Inn

Take the Wellness Experience home with you! So many people have inquired about items used at the Inn, and we’re excited to announce our online retail market is coming soon. Explore books, furnishings, linens, decorations, herbs, gardening mediums and other products that will help support a conscious lifestyle.

If you have stayed at the inn and are interested in purchasing any specific items in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

Please Visit The Moonlight Market Online or Call Us Directly at 760-450-5028!