WELL Building

A Holistic Approach

Inn at Moonlight Beach is the worldwide hospitality pilot project for the WELL Building standard,’] and is anticipated to achieve Platinum Level Certification. This certification is directly related to the care we wish for our guests.

WELL Building focuses on passively enhancing health through seven major concepts:

  • Air - We feature media filters MERV 13 (or higher), which are used in the ventilation system to filter the outdoor air. air filtration in every room to provide fresh air and minimize pollution.
  • Water - Every faucet in our sinks, showers, and baths serves water that is purified through our whole-house water filtration system, which removes organic, inorganic, and agricultural contaminants, as well as public water additives including chlorine and fluoride. Guests often notice that their bath water has a very slight blue tint. This is, in fact, what pure water looks like!
  • Nourishment - Nourishment by eliminating unhealthy foods and promote a higher-quality product
  • Lighting - Lighting systems that promote overall alertness, enhance experiences, and promote sleep
  • Fitness - Fitness areas to promote active habits while on vacation
  • Comfort - Comfort beyond the bounds of physical parameters but also productive and distraction-free spaces
  • Mind - Mind by promoting emotional and cognitive health through inspired design, as well as strategies for treatment and technology
  • Innovation - Innovation by providing a place where ideas are open and welcome along the WELL standards.

Discover WELL

main street in encinitas

The Perfect Location

Downtown Encinitas, a Short Walk to Moonlight Beach

See the city that luminaries such as Ravi Shankar, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois called a second home. In a world of “resort destination” cities, Encinitas stands out as a uniquely authentic beach town along historic Highway 101--one of the true hidden gems of the greater San Diego area. With its first-rate restaurants, historical landmarks, and of course, legendary surf breaks, we are proud to have downtown Encinitas as our “front yard.” It is a town people can’t stay away from for long once it has gotten inside them. It’s no wonder that National Geographic named Encinitas as one of the Top 5 surf towns in the world.

train from LA to Encinitas

Positioned With Convenience in Mind

Easy Transit Options

  • Easy walk or bike ride to the local shops and restaurants in Downtown Encinitas
  • One block from train station, with local Coaster commuter rail direct to Downtown San Diego
  • Amtrak train service to Los Angeles and beyond, as well as other coastal towns like San Juan Capistrano