The WELL Building Standard

“WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally.”

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Our WELL Certified™ Platinum Building


As the first WELL hotel in the world (and a pilot project for the hospitality sector), we have achieved the highest level certification possible—Platinum. We reviewed 100 possible features and successfully achieved/accomplished 80+ features, plus four innovation features.

Air: We feature media filters MERV 13 (or higher). These are used in the ventilation system to filter and purify the air. Each room in the building boasts this feature in order to provide fresh air and minimize the effects of air pollution.

Water: Every faucet in our sinks, showers, and baths serves water that is purified through our whole-house water filtration system. It removes organic, inorganic, and agricultural contaminants, as well as public water additives including chlorine and fluoride. Guests often notice that their bath water has a very slight blue tint. This is, in fact, what pure water looks like!

Nourishment: We encourage the consumption of whole, natural foods and discourage the consumption of sugary, processed foods, beverages and snacks by offering local and organic products and produce for our breakfast baskets and snacks in the guest lounge, including vegetables and fruits harvested from our own biodynamic gardens.

Lighting: All guest suites and public spaces feature an abundance of natural light plus the ability to personally adjust the lighting experience with two layers of interior curtains and an exterior sunshade. Artificial lighting is also adjustable to create the ideal atmosphere for rest and relaxation. This whole system harmonizes with the human body’s natural instincts to create a truly unique lodging experience.

Fitness: We offer yoga mats, jump ropes, exercise bands, and local jogging routes to promote active habits while on vacation. You’ll love our yoga and meditation areas, as well as easy access to beach walks.

Comfort: Every guest suite offers its own, individual HVAC unit so that guests can adjust the temperature to their liking. The construction crew employed sound-proofing drywall and triple-pane windows, plus a sound therapy machine to optimize a peaceful acoustic experience.

Mind: The Inn at Moonlight Beach nourishes the mind, too. We promote emotional and cognitive health through inspired, biophilic design, “an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature.” With many gardens and 50+ fruits and vegetables, herbs, and medicinal teas flourishing throughout the site’s biodynamic garden, the environment puts the mind at ease and one experiences dwelling in nature and connecting with other living things.

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