WELL Workdays at the Inn

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Spend your workday at our conscious destination enjoying a new view.  As the World’s FIRST WELL CERTIFIED HOTEL, our WELL Certified Platinum Suites are proven to passively improve your health just being in our environment (Air, Water, Lighting, Nutrition, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind)!  Experience a WELL Workday today!

  • Safe, Clean, Quiet + Socially distanced work environment
  • High-speed wifi w/ desk
  • Each suite has an outdoor patio with dining table and its own HVAC system to ensure no cross ventilation/contamination with other suites
  • Complimentary Tea, Coffee (16oz jar of Ironsmith Coffee) + Snacks
  • Available Weekdays Only (Mon-Fri)
  • One parking space per room
  • Monthly Moonlight Memberships Discounts Available 
  • Rates begin at: $140/4hrs (8am-12noon or 9am-1pm) AND $200/ 8hrs day (8am-4pm or 9am-5pm) *+$100 to stay overnight (*Rates for one person +$25 per addtl person) 

Book by phone  at 760-450-5028 / Pending Availability