1. Harvest from our Biodynamic Garden
    Connect with nature by harvesting herbs, fruits, or vegetables that are in season.
  2. Experience the Biodynamic Garden Workshop
    Tour our urban farm with an Innkeeper. Get your hands in the dirt and learn how to make herb smudge bundles, how and what to harvest and design a succulent planter.
  3. Practice Mindfulness
    Take a moment to align with yourself on our Meditation Deck.
  4. Yoga on Your Private Deck
    Sanitized Yoga Mats Available Upon Request
  5. Mindful Art
    Rock Painting or Mandala Coloring
  6. Create a Garden to Take Home
    Plant a Succulent Planter at our Plant Makers’ Station
  7. Book a Massage in our Moonlight Healing Room
    Be nurtured with Indoors or Outdoors on our Moonlight Terrace
  8. Relax during a Herb and Flower Foot soak in our garden with a pot of tea & nutritious snacks
  9. Take a walk along the Beach
    Moonlight beach is 7-10 min walk away
  10. Take a Moonlight Workshop at our Wellness Lab
    Book a Natural Beeswax Workshop to Make Candles, Soap and Healing Salve at our Wellness Lab.
  11. Honey and Olive Oil Infusion Workshop at Our Wellness Lab
  12. Have S’more love | Connect with loved ones while enjoying S’mores on your private deck or by the firepit.

For pricing, please check here!